Photos of Bill & Peg's Christmas Lane Lights Display - 2015, Lobethal, SA., Australia


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Christmas is the Time of Year When Heaven Touches Earth (Anon.)

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Our yard display covers our whole front yard and takes several weeks to set up.
First Peg prepares the garden itself, then she sets out the display.
Most of the work is done by her as I am unable to do much physical work, but I help when I can, however it is basically all Peg's work.

Photos of our yard displays.

When we began our display, in the1980's, yard displays were not available...

so we made our own,
I would make wooden cut-outs which Peg had sketched
and then she would would paint them...

the Disney scene was one of the first we made.

Our Nativity Scene is another of our early features,
it is the largest of all the displays that we have made ourselves.
I cut it out of wood and Peg spent many hours painting
it giving special attention to the detail,
it is a special piece to remind us all what Christmas is really about.

The wooden sleigh and reindeer, which I made, has been a feature of our display for over 20 years.

There are many other old wooden cut-outs throughout our display.

Noël is French for Christmas...

and, since our surname is of French origin,
we decided to add a French touch to our display...

Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas)

Our Australiana Scene is one of our newest creations...

it is only 3 years old...

and is situated near the entrance to our display.

Australiana Scene.

Our Singing, Dancing Santa greats our visitors as they walk along our verandah.
He has been with us for many years.

Santa's helicopter is a favourite...

with many of our visitors...

Santa's Helicopter

we aquired it a few years ago.

Santa pops up everywhere in our display!

Santa is enjoying the sunset!

Reindeer feature throughout our display.

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Photos of our inside displays, 2015, which can be viewed through our windows.

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Photos of our visitors 2015.

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