Photos of Bill & Peg's Christmas Lane Lights Display, Lobethal, SA., Australia 2014

Bill & Peg's Christmas Down Under, 5 Christmas Lane, Lobethal, SA Australia


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Enjoy the Christmas Spirit through out the year.

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1980's Movie Clip
to view an old movie clip from our display in the 1980's

Photos of our old displays prior to 2012.

Our original roof display consisted of wooden cut-out that I had made from Peg's sketches, which she then painted

When it became difficult to place the heavy wooden cut-outs on the roof we replaced them with illuminated items.

Later we had to use even lighter displays.


Our Nayivity display has been located at varuios place over the years.

This is an early photo of our Christmas Room, it has also changed over the years.

Pooh Scene Toy Shop scene Disney scene

When we started out display in the 1980's out-side displays were not available so we made our own. Peg would decide on a subject and I would cut it out of wood and then she would paint it. The subject was usually a group of children's characters in a Christmas scene (such as Disney, Pooh bear, or a Nativity scene etc.) Later, when, out-side fairy lights became available, we included them to illuminate the display. However many of these items were disposed of when we thought that we would not be continuing with our display.

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Christmas is the Time of Year When Heaven Touches Earth (Anon.)

Photos of our inside displays (2013), which could be viewed through our windows.

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Photos of our yard displays (2013).

Australiana Scene #1 Bill & Peg Front Bank #1
Front Bank #2 Santa's Sleigh Toyland Express
Helicopter #2 Helicopter #1
Australiana Scene #2 Front Yard Merry Christmas
Nativity Noel Australiana Scene #3

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Photos of our visitors (2013).

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For a wonderful Christmas experience, visit our display during the Lobethal Lights Festival
(runs from the second Sunday in December until December 30th each year).

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Bill & Peg's Christmas Down Under

Enjoy the Christmas Spirit through out the year.
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