Over the years Cudlee Creek has had several important centres for the local community, and later for tourists. They include The Old Creamery, The Gorge Kiosk, Cudlee Creek Co-operative Cold Store, and The Cudlee Creek Soldiers Memorial Hall.

In later years the The Gorge Wild Life Park (founded in 1965) also become an attraction of the district.


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The Old Creamery

The Creamery, Gorge Road, Cudlee Creek, SA.

Photo They Sowed the Seeds - Date unknown.

Built in about 1882 as a branch of the Gumeracha Butter Factory, this historic building has had a variety of uses over the years. When first built it served as a creamery for the many dairies in the area (hence the name), but after a few years the business declined and the building was vacated. It was then left unused for some time, until Allen Noble converted it into a cheese factory. However this venture was also unsuccessful as the Cudlee Creek District had become primarily a fruit growing district, and, as the demand for fruit increased, people left the dairy industry in favour of fruit growing. It again lay idle until Arthur Rhodes converted it to the districts first General Store.
For many years it served as the General Store, Post Office and Telephone Exchange, it was the centre of the community, and was known as "The Old Creamery" by the locals.

In later years, after the the telephone exchange became automatic, and the Post Office was relocated to the Gorge Kiosk, it became "The Cudlee Cafe".
Today (2017) "The Cudlee Cafe" is a favourite with locals and tourists for meals and coffee, with a breakfast menu until 12pm, and a variety of choices all day.


Electricity from Adelaide was switched on in October, 1946.


Cudlee Creek General Store
Cudlee Creek General Store.
Photo Peg & Bill Chartres' collection Date unknown

Cudlee Creek General Store
Cudlee Creek General Store

Photo Peg & Bill Chartres' collection Date unknown


The Gorge Kiosk and Picnic Grounds

The Gorge Kiosk and Picnic Grounds have been popular with tourists and locals since established in 1924.
Lewis Fisher, opened the kiosk in 1924 and the following article appeared in the News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Friday 28 November 1924, page 11.

Recreation Reserve Popular
One of the ambitions of Mr. L. Fisher, owner of the Gorge Road Kiosk and recreation reserve, is to make the place one of the finest picnic grounds in the State. He has already done much toward that end, and his efforts are being recognised by the motoring public.
Mr. Fisher has performed an excellent service to the community by preserving, for the benefit of the people, the whole of the 10 acres of land which he owns at the Gorge road, near the Cudlee Creek bridge, about 16 miles from Adelaide. The task he has set himself will be expensive, but he is determined to see it through.
The Gorge road, which was recently, completed by the Government, has already achieved fame in all parts of the Commonwealth for its scenic beauty hundreds of interstate visitors have expressed the opinion that the beauty of the drive along that road is equal to any motor drive in any part of the Commonwealth. Varied mountainous scenery, overhanging moss-covered rocks, and wooded slopes provide a glorious picture for the whole of the drive.
The property owned by Mr. Fisher is the only place available for picnics and recreation, and it is the owner's intention to develop it in the best possible manner. Already he has done much. A fine kiosk measuring 42 ft. by 24 ft. with verandah all round has been erected, and is becoming a popular meeting place for motoring parties. Mr. Fisher intends to build other shade tables on the reserve, and to lay down tennis courts and a cricket pitch for the benefit of visitors. Special parking space will be set aside to accommodate more than 500 cars.
The picnic ground is situated in a beautiful spot. On three sides the Torrens flows with the hills for a back ground and the Gorge Road provides the frontage.
Mr. Fisher says that he has received so many requests from city business people to convert the place into a residential resort that he intends to build small bungalows for people who desire to spend the week-end there."

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